Client Testimonials

... I really needed guidance, Belinda responded straight away. She was able to answer all my questions with claiity.

I also recommend her meditation sessions - they are absolutely soul cleansing.


... Belinda is beautiful person who puts her heart and soul into everything she does.


I have nothing but all positive recommendations for Belinda. ... her choice in crystals and bracelets are drawn to me.

I have had a healing massage from Belinda, I was so amazed how she could pin point areas on my body, that needed more attention. Belinda is so spiritual, be able to pick up on what was going on in my life ... whether it's card reading, massage or crystals. I truly recommend. 


I had a reading with Belinda in March of 2021, it has had a profound effect within my life. I had shut off to my spiritual side and had closed the door on anything to do with spirit guides or the Devine. I think this picture speaks  a thousand words, during my reading Belinda had advise me that I need to open up and accept birds into my life as they were my spirit animal. I am not a bird person, however she advised me to work past this fear and open up to their beauty and wisdom. I pulled this card during a meditation with Belinda following my reading. I now have the bird from the card tattooed on my arm to remind me everyday of this experience and to encourage me

- a path a spiritually may be a long road but every single day is a blessing.

I am so happy to have Belinda in my life, she is a beacon of light and beautiful lady energy.


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Thank you Belinda for your amazing healings, card readings and group meditations. Your incredible gift helped me through a challenging and traumatic time in my life. I am forever grateful for your past and ongoing support, thank you!


Belinda's massages are uniquely her own style. For me personally, it's a feel good massage as you can really feel the benefits your body receives. Very intuitive deep relaxation with the added benefits of salt scrub & crystals.

I'm also happy to recommend Belinda's soaps that she so caringly makes herself - they are to be experienced!


I met Belinda through a friend and absolutely loved her! I booked in for a reading in May and she was absolutely spot on! I highly recommend her services! She is absolutely amazing !


OMG! What can I say about Belinda?!? She has been absolutely amazing to work with. From the meditations to the readings she has done for me, they have been nothing short of spot on. She always gives me guidance right at the time that I need it. So thankful for her amazing work and I will continue to come back!


I just had my first meditation with Belinda - I was so determined to go, and so glad I did! I find Belinda to be

one of the most genuine, honest and down to earth people I've met. The meditation is just what I needed,

leaving feeling light and with a clean head. 


I had an awesome reading with Belinda this week! It was so accurate and has me moving in a

positive way to reach my goals!


What a truly unique experience! While my feet and body was detoxing, my house was being cleansed. I could not believe the stuff that came out of my body! Even better, the house feels so refreshed and no longer has that down in the dump feeling. Thanks so much!