Hello, my name is Belinda and welcome to Soulful Spirit! 

4 years ago I nursed my mother until she passed from cancer and thought there has to be a way how I can reduce the chemical toxic load in our body to prevent myself from being in that situation, and didn’t ever want my children have to go through what I did when caring for my mum.


During covid it was a good opportunity for me to start my passion as a hobby which now has turned into my business. My daughter also helps behind the scenes to help turn my dream into my business.


All soaps, sprays, body creams and bath salts are intuitively made.

Ingredients used are ethically sourced Plant Oils, Australian Clays and Essential Oils.

I grid all my water with crystals, use rain water and set the intention and energy of the moon cycle.


I am passionate about reducing the toxic chemical load on and body as our skin is the biggest organ. 

The less chemicals we use on it the better for our future to prevent disease.

We have trialled and tested on ourselves, family and friends


It was no accident that you stumbled across this website, you are here for a reason. I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and has a purpose. 

I have been spiritually gifted from a very young age. After enduring a lot of trauma in my earlier life, I have used my spirituality to heal not only myself but many others along the way.


With over 30 years of experience in Spiritual Readings, Healings, Reiki and working closely with Spirit, is truly is my passion. I feel my guides assist me for the better good, helping every person who comes to me for life guidance, or to help them overcome hardships that they may be facing, or trauma they may have experienced.  

I offer Intuitive Gypsy Card Readings in person or online, where I will tune into your energy before your reading and receive messages from my spirit guides. I also offer Hot Stone Crystal Healing Massages, Shamanic Healings and Reiki Aura Healings. The sessions are tailored to the client's individual needs. And of course, all sessions are completely private and confidential.

Our Soulful Spirit product range is available for purchase online and all products are hand-made with love and ethically sourced from Australian ingredients. My soaps and sprays are made using crystal elixir moon water and have undergone a shamanic ceremony. My crystal elixir sprays are very powerful and help balance your chakras and open your heart up to connect you with pure love and heal old wounds.

Mother Earth's protection is at the forefront of what I do, all packaging is biodegradable and recyclable.

My greatest goal and purpose in this life is to unlock the hidden strength which lies inside of you.


With my crystals all pieces are unique and had picked individually by us. If it states sold out please be assured new products will be arriving so check in often to see our new pieces.



Shipping will take 2 to 7days depending on the area its being shipped.

$10 postage Australia wide all orders over $150 free shipping


Booking sessions

Please note after hours and Saturday bookings are by appointment only please contact me direct.

Healing hugs, Belinda xx