There is no greater way to discover new knowledge and greater wisdom than communicating with those who came before. The spirits of worlds past aid us in finding our true path and our purpose here in the physical world. This is what my newest offering, copal amber, contains: the centuries of ancient knowledge that guide and assist us. Copal amber is a rare combination of two ancient and unique resins, a mixture created over the course of hundreds of thousands of years. True amber is formed through a process of fossilization, and is only considered a gemstone once it has reached the age of 100,000 years old.

Working with copal amber
Copal is a younger, less aged type of amber, a resin that is thousands of years old. As such, it combines our more recent past with the ancient world. Created out of tree blood, its very life force, the material trees use to heal themselves, copal amber is a healing treasure. It heals physically, emotionally, and environmentally, clearing and cleansing all negativity and illness that exists around it. It is a powerful yet gentle healer, drawing out negative energy and bringing positivity. This gem dispels disease, revitalizing tissue and encouraging physical regeneration. As it works, copal amber opens and cleanses all of the chakras as well.

With the life force of eras long past, copal amber links the everyday self to the higher spiritual reality. When used with the Solar Plexus Chakra, this stone increases confidence and inner power, drawing out our self-expression and confidence. It aids in manifestation, its electromagnetic properties attracting what it is you focus on. Use this stone in your manifestation grids or ritual.

Copal Amber